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AndersonAttack@home currently has the following applications. When you participate in AndersonAttack@home, tasks for one or more of these applications will be assigned to your computer. The current version of the application will be downloaded to your computer. This happens automatically; you don't have to do anything.

Cryptanalysis of the stream cipher A5/1 by the Anderson attack
Platform Version Created Average computing
Microsoft Windows running on an AMD x86_64 or Intel EM64T CPU 0.04 (cuda_fermi) 20 Nov 2016, 6:54:16 UTC 8,141 GigaFLOPS
Linux running on an AMD x86_64 or Intel EM64T CPU 0.03 (cuda_fermi) 19 Nov 2016, 10:33:13 UTC 797 GigaFLOPS

Total average computing: 8,938 GigaFLOPS

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